Attention To Those That Want To Learn How To Freestyle Rap:

First off, let me introduce myself. For confidential reasons, I am going by the name of “The Ghost Writer”. I have been ghost writing for many rappers (some which you’ve probably heard of) for the past 10 years. I have written everything from hardcore underground rap songs, to radio friendly pop culture songs. I have also competed and won several rap battle competitions that earned me some real street cred as being a real lyricist.

Last year I decided to write and release the now very well known “how to rap” guide by the name of “Rap Like A Pro”. The response that I got was truly amazing! Even though “Rap Like A Pro” was getting rave reviews there was one minor complaint that seemed to keep popping up. See in the book I cover every aspect of learning how to rap and even though it was not the main focus of the guide I did touch on the topic of how to freestyle rap.

Everyone was telling me that they loved the ebook, but wish that I focused more on how to freestyle rap. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the number of people out there that really wanted to know how to master the art of freestyle rapping.

So it didn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that I had to create a how to freestyle rap guide, but not just any how to freestyle rap I guide. I was going to create the Ultimate How To Freestyle Rap Guide, So I did!

Introducing…“Freestyle Rap Like A Pro – The Official Guide For Learning How To Freestyle Rap”

When I wrote “How To Freestyle Rap Like A Pro” I wanted to make sure that it was as detailed as possible and as easy to understand as possible. I put only the most effective and ready to use strategies, tips and tricks found anywhere on or offline. I leave no stone unturned in this one of a kind

Here Is What Others Are Saying About “Freestyle Rap Like A Pro”


“The info in yo guide was really helpful, I’ve been waiting for a guide like this for a minute.”

Dorian – Jacksonville, FL


“This guide really does teach you how to freestyle, No BS!”

Rich K – Cincinnati, OH


“Yo, the section on battle rapping was tight, After reading it I feel like I can get at anybody in a rap battle, Thanks”

Rude Boy – Buffalo, NY


“Before this guide I guess you could say I was one of the dudes that could write raps but couldn’t freestyle worth crap. I felt like I had to get this guide and let me just say it was well worth it!”

Lady R – Augusta, GA

Like I Said, I Leave No Stone Unturned. Here Is Some Of The Things That You Will Learn In “Freestyle Rap Like A Pro”

  • The True Meaning Of Freestyle Rapping – Find out the real meaning of “Freestyle Rapping”, you must know this before you learn how to master it.
  • The Basics Of How To Freestyle Rap – You will discover the much needed absolute basics of freestyle rapping that will get you going in the right direction.
  • Exactly How To Go From Freestyle Newbie To Fire Spitter – I reveal exactly how to take your freestyle rapping to another level (This is a must read).
  • When To Use Pre-Written Material – There are good times and bad times to use pre-written material and using it at the wrong time can be pretty embarrassing.
  • How To Train Your Mind To Freestyle Like Crazy – Learn simple techniques that will train your mind to be ready spit at any given time.
  • 3 Important Tips When Rhyming In A Cipher – These 3 easy to do steps will enhance your flow I every rap cipher that you’re in.
  • How To Dominate Any Rap Battle – You will learn how to complete destroy any one who dare faces you in a rap battle.
  • How To Use Your Opponent Words Against Them – This one method alone can win many rap battles for you.
  • What You Should NEVER DO In A Rap Battle – Yes, there are some things that you should never do in a battle and I will share them with you.
  • How To Win Over A Crowd – I reveal how to get the crowd hype during your rap battle (They’ll be begging for more)!
  • The One Thing That You Must Have To BE a Successful Freestyle/Battle Rapper – Without this one thing you might as well call it quits now.
  • Pre-Written Rhymes For Battles – That’s right, I threw in a couple of lines that you can use or switch up to your liking in your next rap battle (Hot!)

And Much More…

Just like when I put together “Rap Like A Pro“, I wanted “Freestyle Rap Like A Pro” to be something that anyone who was serious about learning how to freestyle rap can get, read quickly and start benefiting from right away! Simply put, I can promise you that there is not a more easy to read, comprehensive, super informative, how to frrestyle rap guide found anywhere on or offline.

Just like with my last ebook, I am fully aware that I could be selling this Powerful information for way more then the $9.95 that I am, But I realize by making “Freestyle Rap Like A Pro“” so ridiculously cheap, it will give more aspiring freestyle rappers the opportunity to achieve their goal of learning how to freestyle rap without breaking the bank.

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